Contract logistics

Schavemaker Logistics & Transport is a leading family business that was founded in 1967, and has a long history in logistics. We combine logistics activities with a large, varied and modern transport network which we manage in-house.


Schavemaker Logistics & Transport boasts multiple storage locations in Europe, with a total surface of over 80,000 m2.

Aircraft engines

Our storage and transshipment facility is heavily secured using steel fences, an electronic gate and cameras. The special warehouse, which measures 7,500 square metres, is secured using smoke/fire detectors, a sprinkler system and burglar alarms.

Steel logistics

Ever since it was founded, Schavemaker Transport has been an international steel haulier that specialises in coils.


Our cross-docking activities allow us to consolidate goods and create more efficient processes.

Schavemaker Logistics & Transport

Schavemaker is an experienced service provider with a wide range of services in the field of logistics and European transport, using various modalities. We always find an end-to-end solution that suits your specific situation. Feel free to contact us or request a no-obligation quotation.


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