Schavemaker is owner of the rail terminal in Kąty Wrocławskie, 10 km from the large city of Wrocław in Poland.

In September 2015, we completed a two year renovation and additional investment in a crane and reach stackers. This means we now have a state of the art terminal making it the most modern inland terminal in Poland. We can now handle more trains than many of our competitors and there is plenty of room for growth in numbers and destinations.
- 50,000 m² paved outdoor plot
- 500 m² hall
- 800 metres of rail
- 3,000 TEU storage capacity
- 5 reach stackers
- 2 forklift trucks with a lifting capacity of up to 16 tonnes
- 1 electric Gantry Crane
- 24/7 security
- 30 trucks and chassis for before and after transport

Wrocław, the fourth and fastest growing city in Poland, is located in the south-west of Poland in a very strategic location near the Czech Republic (40 km from the border), 300 km from Prague and is on the road to Slovakia. Many important European transport routes converge here, such as the motorways from Paris, Munich and Madrid to Warsaw and Moscow. Wrocław is the fastest growing region in Poland, which has led to many manufacturers and distribution centres being established here.

At this time, there are many connections to several cities including Moerdijk, Gdańsk, London and Hamburg. And, we are a part of the European Hupac network.

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