Second fully Electric powered rubber tired gantry crane

The installation of a second fully Electric powered rubber tired gantry crane (RTG) KALMAR E-ONE supplied by Cargotec has been completed last week at the Schavemaker Invest terminal. The aim of the investment is to increase the handling capacity of the intermodal terminal in Kąty Wrocławskie and significantly reduce the CO2 emissions.

The new machine is used to handle 20′ and 40’/45’ containers weighing up to 45 tons. The 27.1m high gantry allows containers to be stacked up to five stories high, while the 32m column span allows them to be stacked in 10 rows. The crane develops speed of up to 130m/min and up to 50m/min with a nominal 45-tonne load.

The whole structure has a fully electric drive system, which completely eliminates the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and significantly reduces the noise level during operation. Many solutions have been applied in the construction of the machine, which will significantly influences the comfort and safety of work – including the anti-collision system, the AGS automatic steering system or the power cable with an integrated optical fibre.


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