Schavemaker receives the first electric tractor unit in Poland!

June 11, 2024 The first SCANIA electric tractor unit officially joined our fleet. This is not only the first electric vehicle in the Polish Schavemaker fleet, but also the first zero-emission Scania tractor released in Poland.

The new electric vehicle is the SCANIA 45R model with a power of 450 KW, powered by a set of three electric motors. The vehicle will be used to transport containers on the section between Schavemaker’s customer loading places in the Kalisz and Leszno area and the Schavemaker railway terminal in Kąty Wrocławskie. The containers will continue their journey by Schavemaker train (100% electric powered) to Moerdijk in the Netherlands, where they will be delivered to destinations in the Netherlands and Belgium, or they will continue their journey by ship to Great Britain. Thanks to proper planning of the drivers’ work and the use of the attributes of the tractor and a 400 kW fast charger, the vehicle will be able to cover this route (approx. 270 km) four times a day, including the time needed for fast charging after each “circle”: approx. 50 minutes.

The use of alternative energy sources in our fleet is an integral part of our strategy, enabling greener and more efficient supply chains. This is a milestone towards sustainable transport and the development of electro mobility in the heavy transport sector in Poland.