Start development of Logistics Robotics Experience Center in Moerdijk

Ten parties are jointly investigating the feasibility of the demo and training facility

Ten organizations from the business community, education and government have started a study into the feasibility of an ‘experience center’ for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for the logistics sector. This ‘Logistics Robotics Experience Center’ (LREC) will be housed at Schavemaker Logistics Solutions in Moerdijk. In addition to a demonstration function of how robots work in an operational logistics company, the center will also have a showroom and training facilities.
The project is made possible by a financial contribution from the R&D fund of Region West Brabant.

LogistiRobotics Experience Center

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

An AMR is a mobile robot. Think, for example, of unmanned vehicles that can drive independently through the warehouse and can grab or put away products. They can be used in warehouses without major structural changes.

Why this initiative?

There is a crying shortage of workers in logistics. AMR can fill that gap. It also enables greater production, with higher accuracy, and even more safety. Moreover, the modern AMR systems can be implemented in a very short time and expanded in capacity. As a result, peaks in the logistics process can also be properly absorbed. Finally, the use of high-tech and robotic systems can appeal to a new employee target group for logistics.

Why now?

Due to the increased technological possibilities, the investment costs for AMR are falling, which means that robots are also within reach for small and medium-sized warehouses.
Furthermore, robotization can help companies to make warehouses more resilient to new disruptions such as the corona pandemic.

Especially in West Brabant!

West Brabant is home to a large number of companies active in logistics. There are also many warehouses and storage facilities. So there is great potential for AMR. At the same time, the MBO and HBO educational institutions in West Brabant would like to train their teachers and students in the deployment and use of modern logistics robots.

Logistics Robotics Experience Center

The collaborating parties in LREC want to create a facility where students, but also logistics companies and governments can attend demonstrations of working logistics robot solutions for warehouse/warehouse applications.

The hybrid form of a training and demo center integrated in an operational logistics company is expected to appeal to many companies and educational appointments. It will combine theory and the latest technology with (operational) practice. In this way, the LREC contributes to the development of a Hybrid Learning Environment specifically for the logistics sector, for Moerdijk and the region.


The LREC project starts with a research and an exploration of existing and new parties (companies and educational institutions) for which a robot experience center could have advantages. In addition, the project partners find out which parties are needed to make such a center a success.

Experimental pilots will be developed in the LREC with this network of companies and educational institutions. This can be done in various ways, such as as a participant in an event, host of demonstrations, as a technology partner, etc.

This phase of the development of LCER is financed with a subsidy from the Research and Development Fund of the Region of West Brabant.


Schavemaker Logistics Solutions, REWIN West-Brabant, Breda Robotics Foundation, Logistics Community Brabant (LCB), CURIO, Associate Degrees Academy, SEIPA, Port of Moerdijk, Geek+ and the municipality of Moerdijk. Other interested parties are welcome to contribute ideas and research.

This project is/has been made possible in part by a financial contribution from the O&D fund of Regio West-Brabant.

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