Zuiderkade Beverwijk

Last week the signature was put and Schavemaker Logistics & Transport is proud to own a new stretch of quay on the Zuidkade in Beverwijk.

The expansion means a broadening of our services, whereby transshipment can be offered at a strategically well-located location. In addition to the plot of land, Schavemaker also became the owner of the 50-tonne crane below. With this crane it is possible to get goods safely from a ship onto the quay.

We also have warehouses only 500 meters away. Here, forklifts vary from 13 to 42 tons.

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Schavemaker Logistics & Transport

Schavemaker Logistics is a fully-fledged logistics service provider that can provide you with a complete tailor-made solution. We can offer this value added service through the use of, among other things:

– 80,000 m² indoor and outdoor storage
– A range of warehouses in the Netherlands and Poland
– Overhead cranes up to 40 tonnes
– Forklifts up to 42 tonnes

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