Logistic solutions

From idea to reality

When Rico Schavemaker, owner of Schavemaker Logistics & Transport, contacted me at the end of 2019 to ask if I was interested in making the Breda office future-proof, I was amazed and honored.

Amazed to hear something again for a long time (had been allowed to work for the company 9 years earlier) and honored because of the challenge that Rico presented to me.

After much thought about this challenge, I said yes to this offering and started developing a global plan on how to make the site stronger for the future.

logistics solution

The basic idea roughly consisted of two thoughts:

  • Centralizing the groupage disciplines (UK / Ireland + France / Italy) in Breda in order to better and more flexibly match the capacity and transport needs to the demands and needs of the market
  • Setting up contract logistics to connect with the intermodal and other possibilities within the Schavemaker group through this discipline

Of course, the broad development of the Schavemaker group in recent years (old love does not rust) had not gone unnoticed to me. It is nice and clever that all those independent activities were successful.

It is also a pity that this was not positioned in the market as an integrated broad logistics solution. Where can you find a family business that has its own assets in road transport, air cargo, rail transport (own terminals) and transport over water? What an opportunity to bring all this knowledge and possibilities together in a new company with contract logistics as a connecting element.

We are now living in September and, partly due to corona, in uncertain times. Despite this, today we work in Breda from a single point of view to serve our customers as well as possible in the field of groupage transport to UK / Ireland & France / Italy.

Schavemaker Logistics Solutions

And on September 1, we started our new activity at Moerdijk with the name “Schavemaker Logistics Solutions”.
Here we will shape the development and roll-out of tailor-made logistics concepts, resulting from concrete customer questions, where we continue to work on creative solutions that, where possible, make use of the already present qualities of the Schavemaker group and are brought together differently from us. extensive network.

Rico thanks for the confidence in granting me this challenge and the courage to invest in it.

We’re going for it!


Schavemaker Logistics & Transport

Schavemaker Logistics is a fully-fledged logistics service provider that can provide you with a complete tailor-made solution. We can offer this value added service through the use of, among other things:

– 80,000 m² indoor and outdoor storage
– A range of warehouses in the Netherlands and Poland
– Overhead cranes up to 40 tonnes
– Forklifts up to 42 tonnes

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